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The Proven
Well-being Platform

KOMPIS uses unique neuroscientific methods to increase mental and physical well-being!

The new superpower

KOMPIS is here to help you maintain a clear mind and a happy body. We do it by delivering the best brain and body exercises that neuroscience can offer, all this in a simple grab and go app solution. During your day the KOMPIS app gives you short exercises that powers up your brains prefrontal cortex and uses smart body activation so you can be at your best. The on-going health check-ins allows managers and HR to keep track of the overall health of teams and locations. All this without compromising individual privacy and GDPR. Step one consists of on-going measurement and health status-forecasting to identify high risk departments within your organisation. Step two is equipping each employee with personalised app-based cognitive and physical training for their well-being and productivity.

KOMPIS method in numbers: Increases people’s attention on how to use their body correctly by 80%. Personal prosperity at work increases by 30%. Job satisfaction increases by 30%. Well-being increases by 70% and 52% reduction in pain among users Figures are based on an intervention of 10 weeks with 3x10min / week. Full reference to our studies:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/26431123/

How we increase well-being and secure performance


App tailored neuro-exercises that reduce stress-levels and physical pain, providing sharper minds and bodies


Track and monitor the wellness and increased productivity of your team or division


A happy mind is a productive mind. Improving the overall company health, means improving overall company performance.


Give your employees their space, and prioritise consciously mind breaks for them


Focus thrives when your employees’ minds are clear, and has a direct impact on their productivity


Pain and tension clogs the mind, KOMPIS’ body tactics remove physical unease and free up cognitive power

The result? A company nobody wants to leave

Peter Albrechtsen, VP HR Operations, KMD

‘KOMPIS’ 29 % reduction of stress has made a great impression on the organization and provided a new standard for digital health effects. KOMPIS has been easy to implement and their neuroscientific background has inspired our approach to company health in KMD.





What our users say

”Use it and experience inner calm and focus. The physical exercises are easy and they work! Make it a part of your everyday – I am a huge fan!

Marianne - KOMPIS app user

“It has helped me a lot, in spite of the fact that I did not have any actual work related injury, but a tendency to tension headaches and tension in my neck and shoulders. – it has improved my daily life – I have no tendency to headache anymore.” Participant in Dr. Jay's research

“I’ve felt a significant change in arms, hands and neck. Fantastic, a new life has started. Super, super training.” Per - user of the KOMPIS principles

How it works

The user submits their data

Receives specific training that improves well-being and prevents strain

Machine learning secures best possible health decision for management via real-time dashboard

How it works

The user submits their data

Receives personalized training that improves well-being and prevents strain

Machine learning secures best possible health decision for management via real-time dashboard

Pricing Plan


The digital choice
  • Personalized self-care exercises
  • Newsletters and push nudging
  • Real-time well-being dashboard
  • *Quarterly subscription per employee having assess to the solution. 


The SME choice
  • ★ All “Digital Well-being” features +
  • ● Customized onbording
  • ● Comprehensive resource library
  • ● Proactive referencing
  • * Starting price for quarterly subscription.


The strategic choice
  • ★ All “company” features +
  • ● On-site live exercises
  • ● Inspiring webinars
  • ● Psysical nudging material
  • ● Data workshops
  • ● Advanced referencing
  • * Starting price for quarterly subscription.

KOMPIS by Intellix

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C/O Intellix
Phone: +45 24 96 21 16
Email: ksj@kompisgroup.com


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