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KOMPIS acquired by Intellix

Intellix, a leading provider of AI-driven knowledge management solutions for over 20 years, is excited to announce the completion of its acquisition of KOMPIS Group and its scientifically proven KOMPIS well-being platform. This strategic acquisition expands Intellix's...

Velliv Foreningen tester trivselsapps

Velliv Foreningen har sammenlignet en række trivselsapps for at gøre det nemmere for små og mellemstore virksomheder at vælge den rette løsning. Der findes mange løsninger på markedet der alle har deres bud på hvordan man bedst arbejder med trivsel i virksomheder....

Global Company Increases Focus on Well-being

KOMPIS is a main element of an increased well-being focus at a large global consultancy company. The implementation has been very succesfull and taken advantage of both on-site live exercises by Tobias Brask and webinars by Dr. Kenneth Jay. The KOMPIS solution proves...

Activating your body during COVID-19

That talk at the coffee machine is important, and now it is gone. The small breaks during a workday are immensely important for our cognitive performance. At KOMPIS we know that body rejuvenation tactics are the best road to bright minds – it is important not to...

Is KOMPIS the best  business case in Denmark?

Is KOMPIS the best business case in Denmark?

Not feeling well comes with a cost! A growing number of danish corporates have started optimizing wellbeing of their employees in their chase of profit and growth – KOMPIS has proven it self as a go-to-tool for the companies who see the link between corporate...

KOMPIS enters high performance workplaces

KOMPIS enters high performance workplaces

With a focus on longer attention span and focused work, the KOMPIS solution helps danish law firms calm their brains, in order to achieve optimal cognitive performance. See more in this news article...

KOMPIS matches scientific results with its app solution

KMD - the renowned danish IT company – have experienced how the KOMPIS app can change the life of the employee. The employees at KMD are already benefitting from the use of the KOMPIS app. Even though you only use your KOMPIS app 1-2 times a week, the results have...

The Ph.D. research that founded the KOMPIS method

The Ph.D. research that founded the KOMPIS method

A specific mix of cognitive and physical exercises can increase workability and well-being significantly through reduced stress and physical discomfort. Researched – and documented by Co-founder Kenneth Jay in a randomised controlled trial in Danish medical company...

KOMPIS by Intellix

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